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Restaurants, bars, and catering and event businesses have unexpectedly become a ‘front line’ in ensuring public safety during the coronavirus pandemic, in addition to our role as gathering places and important spaces where we come together as a community with a shared love of food and its importance to our physical and emotional health.

Safe Service Allegheny is an initiative started to ensure the health and safety of our food & beverage and event businesses, workers, and guests, and take all actions possible to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

We aim for this space to build community, and to provide resources for the continued health and safety of our community or workers, small business owners and operators, and our guests.

Our Mission

To provide food and beverage businesses, staff, and customers with a reliable community committed to safety and resources to operate safely and successfully during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Our Vision

A healthy Pittsburgh food and beverage industry and its community of patrons that survives and thrives despite obstacles and challenges. We support one another, and build a community that is resilient, innovative, and supportive.

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